A few days late, big shocker there, but here is my June 2018 playlist. The first song is the debut single from my friend Amanda, aka Dearly. I’ve known her for years and she recently took some time to find who she was as a person and artist after years of just putting out random songs on the internet. She is back with a new name, new music, and a whole new outlook on life. Her new song rocks.

I was recently introduced to a bluegrass covers playlist on Spotify, so you can find a few cool covers on this months playlist. Of course, I am also TOTALLY DIGGING BTS. They just had the #1 album in the US, the first time ever by a k-pop band. I can’t understand most of what they say, but damn, their songs are catchy as hell! Digging their new album, but the song I put on this months playlist is one from their previous album. The song just builds and really hits during the chorus and the strings in the song are a really nice touch. Another of my favorites on this playlist is the song by Clara Mae and my friend Jake Miller. Such a catchy song. Their voices go so well together. They each compliment one another well. And of course, I HAVE to mention Weezers cover of Africa. Can’t go wrong there either!

I’m going to be starting something new with this months playlist. I am going to make 5-10 typographic graphics with lyrics to some of my favorite songs on the playlist. I want to stay creative and as I am listening to music every single day, why not incorporate that into the graphics? I will post them in a separate post, so look out for that coming in a few days! Anyways, take a listen to the playlist if you feel so inclined to. Cheers.

You know you love me, xo.


Playlist Link